Wednesday, 14 October 2015

It was a hit !!!

Well the recipe was a great hit !!!!!  The recipe states serves six and it does and the portions are a decent size to.I cooked it in a medium sized dish and with the generous amount of mash on top it actually took an hour in the oven not half an hour as stated in the recipe but I will say I think that was because of the dish size . I would suggest using a large dish to cut the oven time down. The lemon and Herb mash I wasn't sure about how the flavour would be but it was lovely.
Here below is the recipe ENJOY ......

Smoked Fish Pie With Lemon and Herb Mash
Serves 6
Takes 1hr 15 mins approx
Cost per serve £2.25 approx
cals 585 kcal per portion

2Ib potatoes peeled and cut in half
2 1/2 oz butter but low fat spread will do
12fl oz milk
1 Lemon zested
2 tbsp Dill finely chopped
1 tbsp flat leaf parsley chopped
2 1/2 oz plain flour
7 fl oz whipping cream
2 tsp Dijon mustard
2 tbsp chives chopped
1 1/2 Ib smoked fish  chopped (I used salmon and haddock)
7 oz prawns

Oven on gas 4 180c 160 fan
Boil potatoes drain and mash with knob of butter or spread and 2fl oz of the milk
Stir in lemon zest and parsley and season to taste set aside.
In a pan melt the butter or spread add the flour and cook for 2 mins stirring to create a paste.
GRADUALLY add the milk and cream to make a smooth thick sauce.
Stir in the mustard and chives.
In a dish add the fish and prawns and combine with the white sauce.Top with the mash and dot with butter or spread.Bake for approx 30 mins or until golden and piping hot..