Thursday, 4 February 2016

Don't throw those spuds away !!!

Hi everyone just thought I would share my experiment with you all.Recently I brought a huge sack of potatoes thinking we could eat healthy and have lots of Jacket Spuds.It turned out there wasn't many big spuds in the sack.So we baked what we could and they got left and started to sprout.So I decided to peel what was left which I have to admit was LOTS.I made a ton of mash and decided to try making roast potatoes(can't stand those shop ones).I par boiled them then put them on a tray and dry roasted them chilled and froze them.I have reheated them in the oven at 200 fan from frozen and defrosted for 20 mins and they are fantastic.Saves loads of time when you want a quick roast dinner  mid week give it a go

Kerry x